You are welcome to join us at the church for our Worship service. Click here to read the letter from our elders regarding attending the service in person.
Our Sunday Service is also streamed live on YouTube. We created a new YouTube page for the church, and the link for our page is below. You can click on the link and become a subscriber if you have a YouTube account. You do not need an account to access the livestream. Just click the link below just prior to 10:30 AM and click on the “videos” tab on our YouTube page and you will see the stream. Once you click on the video it will expand on your phone, tablet, or browser and you will hear the audio.
Click here to view livestream
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Under 40 Community Group

Under 40 Community Group

Every fourth Friday of the month

6:30pm – 8:30pm

Other details:
1. If you have children please find a babysitter (but newborns and nursing babies are always welcome!). We want this to be a time of fellowship, and we know it can be hard to do when you're chasing your little ones back and forth.

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