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About Us



 The purpose of Morningside Baptist Church, like the purpose of all other things in the Universe, is to glorify God (Romans 11:36).  We exist to gladly give God the glory, honor and praise that is due Him as the great and glorious God that He is (Psalm 96:7, 8).  We desire to magnify Him and enhance His reputation in other's eyes by declaring and displaying His excellencies (I Peter 2:9). We want everything in our church, and everything in our lives to show that God is great and desirable above all things (I Cor. 10:31) so that others might glorify our Father in Heaven (Matthew 5:16).  Our goal is to teach, model, promote and spread a God-centered view of all things both locally and among the nations (Romans 15:4-12).  We want as many people as possible to be gripped by the life-changing truth that salvation and everything else is all by His grace, and all for His glory.



Morningside Baptist Church was started in 1958 as an offshoot of another local church.  We are affiliated with the Baptist General Conference (https://converge.org/), and are in full agreement with its Affirmation of Faith (https://converge.org/about/affirmation-faith).  In addition to these basic doctrinal truths, the pastor and elders embrace and teach the supremacy of God's glory, the sovereignty of God's grace, and the sufficiency of God's Word.  We believe that our greatest joy comes from taking God seriously.  We worship and serve and evangelize not out of duty, but delight.




Rev. David Sowers has been the pastor here for the last 35 years. He and his wife Angela have four children Emily, Ben, Alexa, and Caleb. The chief end of their family is to glorify God and enjoy Him forever.