We have moved our Sunday Service from Facebook live to YouTube live. We created a new YouTube page for the church, and the link for our page is below. Click on the link tonight and become a subscriber if you have a YouTube account. You do not need an account to access the livestream. Just click the link below tomorrow morning at 10:30 AM and click on the “videos” tab on our YouTube page and you will see the stream. Once you click on the video it will expand on your phone, tablet, or browser and you will hear the audio. 
Click here to view livestream
All weekly meetings are cancelled.
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Adult Ministries



We have multiple small groups that meet weekly or monthly. Our current offerings include: A Sunday afternoon Community Group, Under 40 couples, and a Women's Titus 2 group. Contact Brett Welte (brettwelte1@gmail.com) if you have questions or would like more information.         


To minister to the Dakota County Inmates. This ministry meets with both the men         and women in this prision facility. 

For additional details, please contact the church at 712-276-2217